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  Prof. N. K. Bose Memorial Lecture - Topic: Education and Development | Speaker: Prof. Basudeb Burman | Date: 19th November 2016 at 2:30 PM  |  Venue: 3rd Floor Conference Room, Dr. H. L. Roy Building, Jadavpur
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Past Chairman and Secretary
Code of Ethics

Invited Members of CRC for 2016-17

Prof. Asit Kr Mitra Prof. Basudeb Burman Prof. Parameswar De Mr. Dipak Dutta
Mr. Kalyan Kr Das Prof. P. R. Duttaray Prof. Binoy Kr Dutta Prof. Basav Chowdhury
Mr. Smarjit Das Prof. D. N. Ghosh Prof. Ranjana Chowdhury Prof. B. B. Paira
Prof. Sudip Kr Das Prof. Bhaskar Chandra Das
(HOD, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, CU)
Prof. Kajari Kargupta
(HOD, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, JU)
Prof. (Dr.) Sulagna Chatterjee
(HOD, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, HIT)
Prof. Harisadhan Sarkar
(HOD, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, CIT)
Dr. A. R. Ghosal    

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